Roland D-70 Soundcards

On the following pages you'll find info on the different cards or sound banks that were available for the D-70:

EMC, Sound Pool and other unknown/missing
Hotop Musiksoftware-vertrieb Cards/disks
Non commercial Soundbanks
Metra Sound D-70 Card
Pro-rec D-70 Cards
Rittor D-70 Cards
Roland Corporation D-70 Cards
Source D-70 Cards
Stephane Pigeon D-70 Cards
Sound Source Unlimited D-70 Cards / Greytsounds D-70 disks
Valhala D-70 Cards
Voice crystal D-70 Cards
Non commercial Soundbanks

PKN D-70 Sounds info here

Do not buy

Warning. Reported from 2 different D-70 owners that bought a CD with sounds (ebay. Origin SoundLoad, USA). This CD has no D-70 sound banks! Only soundbanks for the D-10 included. But these synth sounds are not compatible. These were (are?) sold as ROLAND D-70 Large Original Factory and New Created Sound Library & Editors. Don't waste your money…It is on Ebay, Amazon and more sites…

Roland D-70 dumps should be 512 #Msg or 69 bytes, 147 #Msg or 37,9 bytes for a system dump (can slightly be different because what is selected to save with the dump: without system 146# Msg or 37,8 bytes, sound only 135# Msg or 35,1 bytes)

Always ask the seller for the contents! If they don't respond you know enough.