PCM Waveform cards

The D-70 has 2 slots for additional waveform cards. This way the sonic capacities can be expanded. The D-70 reads U110/U220 cards. Card sounds can easily be played with the card rom play (button). With this function you can easily play the sounds of the cards, just like on a U110 (but with no detuned, no effects, etc, functions).
For a really good use with the instrument you'll need to program tones and patches in the D70, and mostly do this yourself: Only Stephane Pigeon cards 2 and 3 had programmed patches for the D70 with the use of these Roland expansion cards. I've started programming the synths for use with all the cards and these programs are available for sale now (Saves you hours of programming).
Many cards of the U110 were also sold under the Rhodes trademark: the printed design is different, but the samples the same. Roland released two synths under the Rhodes trademark: Model 660 and model 670. These synths do read the u110 cards. The cards with the Rhodes name do also work on the D70.
Also a limited number of PCM wave cards were especially created for the D70.
Unlike the cards for the patches and programs, the PCM cards do not stick out of the back of the synth and can easily stay there with transportation. Still compared to the 4 slots of the U110 and the size they take there, 4 slots could have been easily fitted on the D-70. With only 2 slots hanging cards for different sounds is much more needed.

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