Ram cards for the D70 Synthesizer

If you edit your own sounds or just don't want to have the waiting time for transferring the sys files to the D70, a memory card is very useful. The memory works as if there was an extra 64 performances, 128 patches and 128 tones with no loading time at all. Saving is fast too. It was an expensive solution compared to a floppy drive in that time, but as it works as real time memory it is worth the extra expense.
(The card tones cannot be used for a patch of the internal memory, you'll have to transfer the tone into the internal memory first. )

New models available right now:

Custom-built multi-bank Roland M-256/M-512 memory cards
The Dojoe custom created card has space for 16! sound banks (16xM-256E). There is also no need for a battery.
More info on their

Sells just slightly above the price of one 2nd hand M-256E (79€ ex shipping), disadvantage is you have to wait till the new batch of Dojoe cards will be made. And that could be a year waiting. The last batch was big enough though so they could be available right now.
Custom-built multi-bank M256 x 16 banks card
Another custom 16 bank card has hit the market. The seller is located in Taiwan. This card can be found on Ebay and Reverb for example. Pricewise not cheaper than the Dojoe card.
Also an 64bank card has been developed for the D50, the Hypersynth h card. This card is not compatible with the D70. They were working on a version of the Hcard-770 but there has been no news about this for a long time.

Older models (to be found 2nd hand/used)
Roland M-256D
The M-256D has 32k bytes, enough to store the sounds. (The 128D has 16k and cannot work).
If someone has a picture for me.

Roland M-256E
The M-256E from Roland lets you store all the internal sounds as long as the battery lasts.
(the card I have has no battery compartment. Did not manage to make the card work yet)

Roland M-512E
You should be fine with this card, however, the D70 won't use all the memory of the card (which is double as the M-256: 64kb). The memory not used is left blank.
If someone has a picture for me.

Roland M-512G
Big plastic card from Roland which is I think the last model made. Memory like the M-512E

There were other companies who sold the same memory cards with a different sticker:

Valhala: M-256D and M-256E.
Voice Crystal: X-256
Maartist Music Pack: there are different cards of these. Also Also with adhesive label which says MusicPack D Card.
This one came preprogrammed with D-50 sounds. Not sure if there was a card version for D-70 too.

Some users report difficulties with this card.
PA Decoder D-Ram 128
This card has space for storing 2 memory banks. There are two buttons on the card, one for switching the banks (1/2), the other for write protect.
If someone has a picture for me.

KSRE D10 Quattro Ram (4x64 sounds)
This card plastic will probably work in the D-70 but not 100% sure if it fits.

Bee Card S-Ram (Mitsubishi plastics)
This card plastic card mostly used in Korg m1 and Wavestation seems to work also in Roland Keyboards. Also Sold by Atari (Portfolio).
Looks like the plastic card used by Gretsounds. Available in different memory sizes.

Akai br-32 card
Same as Roland card, might work
Rogers Organs Instrument Corporation - Memory Card 32k
Same as Roland card, might work
Peavy Cache Card 32k ram
Same as Roland card, might work
More different custom built cards were coming to the market. This more basic built 16bank card has been built by Cristophe Perrod. This one was about €25, and will stick out a bit more by the components used. Christophe stopped building them, it was consuming too much time.
The picture below shows his finished D50 cards, these are shorter and not compatible with the d-70.
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