Sysex Transfers with the Roland D70

When starting to work with the D70 I did describe this: "After powering on I first decided to do a back up of the soundcards that I own. The D70 is terrible slow with dumping the sysex (oneway). It takes about 3 minutes! to complete for about 48kb, at least with the firmware I have. Dumping back I managed but most of the time with an error so I'm not sure whether all has gone right. Probably this has to do with finding the right speed/interval with dumping back. With the hazard to get the sounds on the instrument this way and the time it takes I understand that most people rather use a memory card. "

The Sysex transfer on the System page (One way transfer) to the computer is:
- Slow
- Not complete Reliable

The handshake mode with the Roland MC-50 sequencer I had not that trouble in the 90's…

In the D-70, go to User > F5 System > Set channel to 1, device ID*, and Exclusive RX to ON
(Device ID is normally 1 or 17. This info is sent with your dump: when dumping back this ID should be set the same)

Luckily there is one other way to dump, by booting in Extend Product Mode:
- Fast
- Reliable

One backside:
- You have to power off your D70


To prepare the D70 for system exclusive reception:

1. Begin procedure with D70 turned OFF!

2. With unit turned off, press NUMBER button 5, and while holding, turn D70 on.

3. Press F.2: Bulk Load all memory from MIDI.

4. Press ENTER

5. Start sysex dump from syses program/application.

6. When dump is completed, press EXIT on D70.

7. Turn the D70 off, then back on in the normal manner.

Be sure to backup your internal programs (on the synth) before downloading your new sounds!



  1. Power off synth, power back on while holding number 5 (power on quickly after holding down the number 5, otherwise sometimes it doesn't enter the data menu.)
  2. Prepare your MIDI/sysex software on computer to receive the data from the D-70
  3. Press F1 > Enter, dump all data to your computer
  4. Save the input sysex data to a file

The extend Product Mode can also be used if you cleared your D70 memory. There is no need for a special D70 factory card, the sounds can be sent from the computer to the synthesizer.
System exclusive (SysEx) dump files sizes:
To check if the all the data of the dump was well received look at the total number of messages and also check the bytes.
Extend Product Mode: 512 #Msg , 69 bytes.
Sysdump all : 147 #Msg , 37,9 bytes.
Sysdump without system: 146# Msg , 37,8 bytes
Sysdump sound only: 135# Msg , 35,1 bytes

When the dumpsize is not ok (this happens sometimes), just try dumping again.