More Pieces in 7/8 time for piano
More Pieces in 7/8 time for piano

Number of pages: 40
ISBN: 978-90-8600-053-1
Author: R.Kuhlman
Publication number: RKM06
Size: A4
Year of publication: 2014
Book Cover: laminated plastic
Binding: Plastic Binding
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Page Example:
This book contains 10 performance pieces for piano with focus on th 7/8 measure.
Playable also on keyboard with sustain pedal (standard keyboard 61 keys: you'll need to skip low tones or change octaves for example)

- Pulteny Bridge
- Newton Park
- Royal Crescent
- Sentimental Mood
- Kolhorn 3
- Polder 4
- Almersdorp
- Herfst
- Fallen Leaf
- Oktober