Pieces in 7/8 time for music box (30 note movement)
Pieces in 7/8 time for music box (30 note movement)

Number of pages: 20
ISBN: 978-90-8600-072-2
Author: R.Kuhlman
Language: Engels
Publication number: MB02
Year of publication: 2017
Size: A4
Book Cover: laminated plastic
Binding: Plastic Binding

Nowadays there are music boxes which can play your own music by punching a paper strip.
This book contains 10 newly composed pieces. You can punch this pieces on a standard paper strip.
Music notated in notes, but also pictures of the punched strip will help you to do this.
The idea of punching the paper strip is going back to the time of the first computers, because the punching is a sort of programming. Go back to the time before the midi sequencers! This sort of programming has survived in modern sequencers, for example the ’Matrix’ editor in Logic.
No blank paper strips supplied with this book. Usable for music box with 30 tones.