Play Boogie Now! 3
Play Boogie Now! 3

Number of Pages: 24
ISBN: 978-90-8600-005-3
Price €14,98
Author: R.Kuhlman
Language: Nederlands / Engels
Grade: vanaf 2 lesjaren
Publication Number: PKN12
Size: A4
For: Keyboard / Piano

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Play Boogie Now! series contain simple boogie songs, with repeating riffs and music notation with bigger notes. This book comes with a free midi-disk to play along with your keyboard.
These songs are also included with the CD.
With 3 duet pieces.

Book 3 has some 'work' boogies at the end of the book. Starting with a theme, suggestions are given to make variatons in left- and righthand, and also for improvisation.


1. Play Boogie
2. ? Boogie
3. Eye Boogie
4. Very Good Boogie
5. Dog Boogie
6. Moon Boogie
7. Hello Boogie
8. Hhhmmm Boogie
9. Like it like THAT Boogie
10. Satisfaction Boogie
11. Smile! Boogie
12. Feels Good Boogie
13. Feels Good Boogie partij 2
14. So happy Boogie
15. So happy Boogie partij 2
16. Have Fun Boogie
17. Have Fun Boogie partij 2
Work boogie's