Chord Charts 1
Chord Charts 1

Number of Pages: 72
ISBN: - (Dutch edition 978-90-8600-058-6)
Author: R.Kuhlman
Language: English
Grade: Starting from 2nd year
Publication number: PKN51E
Size: A5
Year of publication: 2015
Book Cover: laminated plastic
Binding: Plastic Binding

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Page Example:
Chord charts are often used in pop and jazz music, where musicians are accompanying while others are singing or playing (melodies/solos).
This books helps learning to play a chord chart. The chords have been notated visually for every chart and the whole chord chart has been notated (score).
The chord charts have been written for right-hand (chords) and left-hand (bass) playing. Also rhythm patterns have been added below the charts to make playing more fun.