Play Easy Dance Keyboard Now! 2
Play Easy Dance Keyboard Now! 2

Number of Pages: 32
ISBN: 978-90-8600-048-7
Author: R.Kuhlman
Language: English
Grade: 3rd/4th year (songs with simplified settings)
Publication Number: PKN49
Size: A4
Publication Year: 2013
For: Keyboard / Piano

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Page Example:

This book contains 10 new composed pieces, playable fullscore and with the arranger (notation with chord symbols). Left hand plays the bass-line most of the time.
Written for piano but playable on keyboard, with chord symbols and vingering.
Pieces with symplified rhythm, and repeating phrases.


1. Bassline
2. Dancing on the beach
3. Pushed Beat
4. Good Time
5. Energetic
6. Changing
7. Mellow
8. Breathless
9. Anthem
10. Bounce