Play Easy Rock Keyboard Now! 3
Play Easy Rock Keyboard Now! 3

ISBN: 978-90-8600-045-6
Author: R.Kuhlman
Grade: 3rd year+
Publication Number: PKN41
Publication Year: 2012
Number of Pages: 24
Size: A4
For: Keyboard / Piano

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Page Examples:
Play rock keyboard with Play Easy Rock Keyboard Now! This book contains 11 fullscore rocksongs, and requires a higher level of playing skills than book 1 and 2. (Easy stands for simplified song arrangements and songs with repeating patterns).


01.Cold as Ice
02.Not Fair
03.My sweet love
04.My fast car
05.Stays the same
06.Sunday Mood
07.Time to say goodbye
08.Stupid Lies
09.Winter sun
10.Happy Rock
11.Rock Jam