Number of Pages: 68
ISBN: 978-90-8600-000-5
Language: English
Publication Number: PKN44
Size: A4

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Page Example:
Minimal Music ensemble music for 4 keyboard players (or more players by doubling parts) , it is also possible to play parts on the piano.
Contains 10 pieces.
Every player has 4 little blocks of music. These are to be repeated until the conductor gives a sign to go to the next block.
Players can change to the next block all together, or move individually to the next Block to create moving patterns.
Therefore every performance will be different, and the following tools can be used to create musical effects:
- dynamics: like forte, piano, crescendo en decrescendo.
- tempo: accelerando, a tempo, fermate.

Short Blocks make studying faster and a performance after 30 minutes of practicing is possible.
Players learn to pay attention at the conductor. A student can be the conductor.
Conductor signs can be copied from the book.
The Blocks are well suited for practicing rhythms.
Pieces with different grades.
Inividual parts and scores.
Makes playing together fun!