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Pitch-Bend Technique | Play Keyboard Now!

Play Keyboard Now! - Pitch-Bend Technique
Play Keyboard Now! - Pitch-Bend Technique

Number of Pages: 28
Print: ACI, Amsterdam
ISBN: 978-90-8600-018-0
Language: Nederlands / Engels
Grade: Experienced
Publication Number: PKN07
Size: A4

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Most students love to use the pitchbender. Sadly, in the most keyboard books, pitch bending isn't used. With this book you will learn to use the bender. Not sometimes, no a lot. With 10 composed songs you'll use the bender to make the music (the songs have been written in normal music notation (only some new signs are introduced for pitch bending), this making it possible to practise the songs at home even without having a bender).

This book is for students and players with experienced level!


1. Kaduska's Rock
2. Dance or Not
3. Tango Mandango
4. Feel Good Country
5. Cool Swing
6. Funky Dunkey
7. Break-Beat
8. Lolly Pop
9. Little Waltz
10. Get This