Play Keyboard Now - Starter
Play Keyboard Now - Starter

Author: R.Kuhlman
Language: English
Grade: Starter
Publication Number: PKN26
Publication Year: 2007
Size: A5

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Learn to play keyboard with Play Keyboard Now! Starter.
In this book you'll learn to read music (G clef), starting with the notes C, D and E. Followed by learning the F, G, A and B.
Almost every piece is playable with chords: chords used in this book are the C, G, F, Am and Dm.

Pieces in 4/4 and 3/4. With of course some traditional songs like:
Mary had a lamb, Lightly Row en Ode to Joy.
And a lot of new composed music, especially made to make easy steps in learning. This book does contain 44 pieces.

Also available: Keyboard Starter Extra and Keyboard Starter Supplement.
The book keyboard starter Extra can be used to practice some more of what you have learned in the Starter book. Also, some new rhythms are introduced, as well as more songs for the chords learned at the end of the Starter book.

Keyboard Starter Supplement can be used to learn reading the bas-clef in the left hand. Also included: 3 duets and some songs to experiment with the pitch bender

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