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Welcome on the Roland D70 info pages. Here you'll find new sounds banks (PKN Sounds for D70) that you can buy and also many info about the D-70 and sound banks of other companies.

If you have some info about the D-70 that is not already on this site, or pictures of sound cards for example, please share it with me to make these info pages even better (your own pictures to avoid copyright issues). Most info here is from many hours of searching on google however or my own experiences. There is still a lot to be found.
Still looking for: SN-U110 cards 02/07/10/11 box pictures. Rhodes card 1,2, 4,6, 8-15, All Rhodes boxes pictures. All Japanese U-110 boxes pictures. Hotop Immersion, Immersion 2, Live Sound 1, Economy and Maxima (3) pictures / Sysex
Pro-Red Power Dance (D70-01) picture. Rittor IMMERSION 2 KV-702 picture/sysex. Sound Source Industrial Cybertech picture. Gretsounds Industrial Cybertech, Synthesizer Collection, Atmospheric Textures, Proteus/XR Impressions card pictures
Valhala New Age picture/Sysex, Sound Pool card Sysex. Easy Sound Profi Sounds' on disk. HitMusic cards?, Musitronics 3,4,5? Scans of Roland D-70 by Bobby Maetas' 'The Book That Puts Human Beings Back in Charge of the Synthesizer'.

The D-70 is capable of making full sounding, evolving patches and benefits from the aftertouch. For it's time the synth had great power: 4 tones for a patch possible, making fat, low and interesting sounds. With four independent filters. The effect processor is an important factor of the sound. The synth isn't 16 part multitimbral, only 5 parts available, but considering the number of tones be able to play on one channel, that isn't too strange considering polyphony. Changing the patch mutes the tone.

Not a LA Synthesizer (as painted on the synth)! The D70 is not a bigger brother of the D50. On the Roland knowledge base (official Roland site) you can read this:

NOTE: The D-70 does not work with D-50 parameter cards. The D-70 uses RS-PCM sample playback as its synth engine while the D-50 uses LA synthesis technology.

Closest relation to the D-50, is that the D-70 has some sounds on board sampled from the D-50 like the Fanta Bell, Syn.Choir1 and Calliope….

With Sample playback as the synth engine, and the numbers of samples internal (internal tones 1:47, 2:44 and drums 3:28) it is to be aspected that many sounds on cards are slight variations of well known sounds. Still, with the possibility of mixing 4 tones, and some synth functions, surprising results can be made.
The D70 has 2 slots to add waveforms and expand it's sonic possibilities. All U110/U220 cards can be used, and some waveform cards were released especially for the D-70.

*Roland is a trademark of the Roland Corporation

- Roland D-70 Reference Manual (PCM Cards, Rom Cards+soundlists , Ram card, SysEx dump/load, Firmware, Special Modes etc. The drafts are ready (about 2500 pages but release will propably be less pages due to copyright restrictions). This work has low priority however, no release soon. )
- Soundbanks for WaveRex card when/if this card is ever released

Updates on the D-70 Pages:
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