SysEx sound banks, patches, info and samples for your retro synthesizer gear. Available for the following instruments:

Load new sounds in your synthesizer or module and it will seem like you have a completely new instrument again. With these ‘old’ instruments so much is possible, and for just a small amount you can discover new possibilities with your instrument instead of buying new gear. Also, you can spend more time on creating music, instead of programming patches for days you can start playing right now.

Download our PKN Sounds Catalog here (version 23-04-2024).

Also available info documents about the Synthesizers and sounds:

  • PKN-D-70-RG PKN D-70 Reference Guide. All we know at this moment about the Roland D-70 and the sounds that are available. Counting 2700 pages at this moment. Still in development.
  • PKN-JV-E – PKN JV Evolution. This PDF document covers how the Jv series evolved after the JV-80. With patch listings of various banks. In Development. Counting 280 pages at this moment.