Paypal login won’t load

Did you fill in all the fields in the order form correct? Paypal will check if an address is ok or not for example. Still not able to connect Paypal, please contact us for a solution.

How does ordering work?

After adding an item to the cart it is possible to check out. Please fill in all your personal info. The paypal button will make it possible to pay the amount. After that you’ll be redirected to the ‘Guest order” page. Here you will be automatically be logged in with your email and Order ID. You will see the file you did purchase, and will be able to download the file. Also you can view the invoice and will be able to print this invoice. The system will sent your order details also to your email address.

How long is my download link valid?

At this moment you’ll have 7 days to download the file. For security reasons the link will expire after 7 days. If you have not been able to download the file during this period or if you need to download it again later, please contact us.

The item I want to order is not available on the site?

For now, only a few files are available for ordering with direct download. Please contact us for ordering other items in our catalogue.

My country is not included on the order form.

It is not possible to order with direct download outside the EU. Because of regulations, we’ll have to take a look if ordering to your country is possible. For now, it is not possible to order from the UK, because the new rules after Brexit make it difficult and expensive.