PKN Books

For books, can probably deliver for the best price with shipping, because shipping outside the Netherlands is expensive (even for small parcels). 
If you want to order a book you can sent us an email. We will sent a shipping quote after this order and if you’re happy with that we’ll sent the invoice with the total amount that you can pay by bank transfer or PayPal. 
After recieving the amount we will ship your order, and inform you that the item has shipped. 

All publications are available through Hal Leonard MGB (and it is possible to order our books at every music shop in the Netherlands).

PKN Sounds

European Union

Digital files (sounbanks) can be ordered by the cart system with direct payment and download. Otherwise just sent us an email with the items you want to order. We’ll sent you an invoice that you can pay by bank transfer or PayPal. After receiving the invoice amount the files will be sent to you by email. Order by mail is also needed for the expanded banks that need some proof of ownership.

Banks can be put on CD or memory card if you would like. We’ll make up an quote for you for the medium and also for the shipping.


Sent us an email asking if this is possible for your country. We have to look what the vat regulations are for your country. It is not that simple anymore these days to sent files to you with no vat, because many countries want that we pay the vat. It is a lot of work to find the regulations in advance, we will do this when there is a quenstion for this.
Countries not possible to order from: Because the Brexit and new UK rules we can’t sell to the UK at this moment.