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Since 2019, I have dedicated a significant amount of time and effort to creating numerous patches and waves for various synthesizers, including:

  • Roland D-70 
  • Roland M-DC1
  • Roland M-SE1
  • Roland R-8 
  • Roland U-110
  • Roland U-220
  • Roland JV-80

This endeavor has required considerable work, and I am grateful for any support toward my project of expanding the capabilities of older synthesizers and modules.

The first project that is now available as a goodie for supporters is the PKN-D-70-100 PKN Creative Basics for the Roland D-70.

The following projects have been finished but these files will only be added at a certain ammount of supporters:

  • PKN-D-70-101 PKN Factory for U9 card
  • M-DC1 JV80 converted sounds1
  • XV original Roland presets converted for SRX-072

As a token of gratitude, with increased support, I will be working on more projects to provide free access to donors:

  • U-220 Soundsheets3

Progress has already been made, but I still need to complete this project. With increased support, I could expand this list further in the future.

  1. Transform your M-DC1 module into a JV-80 lite version. Since this module contains some of the original JV80 waves and shares the same engine as the JV-80, it is possible to play original JV-80 patches with this module.
  2. Roland provided a CD with the SRX-07 Ultimate Keys expansion board, featuring converted patches from the JV-04, JV-08, and JV-10 expansion boards for the XV to access the SRX-07. However, the SRX-07 also incorporates waves from the JV-03 and JV-09 boards, allowing the creation of a bank with a selection of the original patches from these boards. ↩︎
  3. Patch/tone/wave sheets ↩︎

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