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PKN-U-110-27 PKN Alt Factory

64 Patches for use with the internal memory tones (pcm).
As with many digital synths and modules, the internal memory for patches in the U-110 is not enough to hear all programmed tones (/waves) (99 tones included by Roland, but only 64 patches to play them). Many people only use the internal memory factory presets but there is so much more you can get out of your existing gear. This Soundbank uses 50 tones Roland didn't use in the factory patches. About 16 of these tones have real different samples, other sounds are variations like detunes and shorter release time and combinations of tones.

Patches: Mute EG. AC.Piano p, Dble E.P. 2, Strings 2, DoubleStr2, Wolly Drm, Sfp Tp, E.Organ 2-7, Tropically and more

Programmed: 2022

Included with this download (.zip file):

  • Roland U-110 PKN Alt Factory.syx
  • Roland U-110 PKN Alt Factory.mid
  • U-110 PKN Alt Factory Patch list.pdf
  • U-110 PKN Alt Factory patch-tone list.pdf
  • U-110 SysEx Transfer.pdf
  • Copyright Notice PKN-U-110-27

PKN U-110 Synthesizer Basics (PKN-U-110-02)