This was a cool project working on: The factory sounds of the U-220 module programmed into the D-70 synthesizer.
The SN-U110-08 Synthesizer and SN-U110-09 Guitar & Keyboards PCM cards are needed for this.

There are some great patches in the U-220. Called bread an butter module, but in fact used in many hit songs.
Focus here is on the Patches of the U-220: These are programmed into the Performances of the D-70 synthesizer. There is not place for all the Factory Timbres on the D-70 due to V-modes and Dual tones not available as pre programmed waves in the D-70. Also for making the performances, space from the Patches is needed, and also some link sounds. So in the B-bank timbres are programmed but there is not space for all.
Only sound Bell of the U-220 doesn’t seem to be possible to recreate exactly. Some Roland samples used are for the most part the same, but there could be some sample range between keys that are slightly different. Further there is an auto pan function on the U-220 used on some sounds, the D-70 hasn’t got this function. Some sounds using the LFO heavily LFO were not able to make the sound exactly the same at this moment, but close… Also the drum sounds I did the mapping, but they sound not the same.
Demo on Youtube compare some sounds played on the D-70 and U-220.
Demo on Youtube of most of the Performances of this soundbank.

Price: € 26,99 (sysex file+sound list(s)) This is the most expensive bank of the PKN series, for it was a lot of time consuming work to recreate/emulate.
Fixed price (including tax where applicable).
E.U. countries please pay by bank transfer (cost saving) or Paypal.
Other countries: payment possible via Paypal.
We’ll sent an invoice: direct payment and download on this website is not possible. (Note: due to sales regulations it is not possible to order for some countries as these regulations make it difficult and very costly for small businesses.)
File will be sent by email after payment. Digital files cannot be returned. Of course we do offer support with your purchase.
(Test before buying if your D-70 is working with sysex file transfer. D-70 with firmware prior 1.14 might have trouble with this. The upgrade of your D-70 firmware is possible with an Eprom set)

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