64 Performances. This bank uses the Roland SN-SPLA-01 (D1) and SN-U110-08 cards and needs a midi cable for out to in connection.
Performances included: Ghostland, In Black, Conquest, NEW AGE, Startrack, CS Like and more.
Many complex performances using more than 4 tones, but note that this makes the usage more specific also.
This is the sound bank that did cost the most of programming time than any other sound bank of the PKN series.

Price: €29,99 (sysex file+sound list(s))
Fixed price (including tax where applicable).
E.U. countries please pay by bank transfer (cost saving). Payment with Paypal is also possible. Rest of the world: Paypal.
We’ll sent an invoice: direct payment and download on this website is not possible. (Note: due to sales regulations it is not possible to order for some countries as these regulations make it difficult and very costly for small businesses.)
File will be sent by email after payment. Digital files cannot be returned. Of course we do offer support with your purchase. Many of our sysex banks have been successfully installed by our customers.
(Test before buying if your D-70 is working with sysex file transfer. D-70 with firmware prior 1.14 might have trouble with this. The upgrade of your D-70 firmware is possible with an Eprom set)

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PKN Mega Synth for 2 D-70 Synthersizers (PKN-D-70-95b)
The mega synth sound bank is now also programmed for use with 2 synthesizers so that there is more polyphony to play with.
This sound bank needs the D-1 (SN-SPLA-01 Sound Elements Vol.1) card for synthesizer 1 and the SN-U110-08 (Synthesizers) card for synthesizer 2.
Some performances of the Mega Synth use more than four tones with a U-8 PCM Source. For these performances an additional U-8 card is needed for synth 1.
(the concerned performances: 12 Lead 2, 34 CS LIKE, 36 CS LIKE 3, 55 SynthSang).

Owners of the PKN-D-79-95 can order this bank with 2 SysEx files for the following price:

Upgrade price from PKN Mega Synth: €9,98
Fixed price (including tax where applicable).

Demo of the 2x D-70 Synth version on Youtube.