Patches for the legendary JV-80 synthesizer.

Also probably working on Roland JV-880, JV-90, JV-1000. (not tested)

The following models would probably need to update resonance settings but could load the .syx file: JV-1080, JV-2080, JV-1010, XV-2020, XV-3080, XV-5080, XV-5050, XP-50, XP-80, XP-60, XP-30, XV-88. (not tested).

PKN-JV80-01 – PNJV02 reprogrammed for Exp2

This patch bank for the JV-80 synthesizer is a reprogram of the original PNJV02 sound bank.
This sound bank required a pop expansion card, and the patches using this expansion have been converted to those of the orchestral expansion. Some waves were also not to be found on the orchestral board and have been replaced by a sound with ‘the color of’.
Please note you can only buy this one if you have the original PNJV02 card or sysex yourself already, to avoid copyright issues.

€ 3.00

PKN-JV80-02 – PKN Orchestral Work

64 patches and 16 performances programmed to make use of the orchestral expansion board (SR-JV80-02).
Patches: Slow Orchest, Solo Vln 1-3, Flat Violin 1-3, Oboe 1 f-mp, Intro Horn, PitchFallStr, Stage Pno 1-3, RestStrings 1-3 and more.

€ 9.99

PKN-JV80-03 – PKN Baroque Expanded

64 patches and 16 performances. The 31 original Roland Patches loaded into memory + 33 new created additional patches making use of the SO-PCM1-06 card. If you don’t have this card you can’t use the patches and performances.

€ 4.99

PKN-JV80-04 – PKN Orchestral Work 2

64 patches and 16 performances programmed to make use of the orchestral expansion board (SR-JV80-02).

€ 9.99

PKN-JV80-05 – Orchestral Variations

4x 64 patches and 16 Performances using Exp.Board 2 (SR-JV80-02). Programmed variations of the standard Orchestral Patches. 4 SysEx files.

€ 15.00

PKN-JV80-06 – Arp Bank

64 patches and 16 performances using the internal waves. Moving sounds by using the jv-80’s LFO that give a sort of arpeggiator like effect. Programmed 2023.

Performance Sounddemo on Youtube

€ 9.99

PKN-JV80-SG – PKN Soundguide (pdf)

PDF book with JV-80 Soundcharts. The PDF is more than 280 pages now, and this number of pages might grow in time when we find more info.
Purchasing once is enough, when there is a new update you’ll receive the new version by mail.
Contents: Overview of patches and used patch/tones of internal banks, Roland cards, PKN and SoundSource, Sound Art banks. Also info of some non commercial banks, the orchestral expansion & bass&drums.
Added (free) 1 SysEx bank from collected single patch dumps. With PKN programmed performances for this bank.

Performance Sounddemo on Youtube

€ 9.99

Contribute to the Soundguide and lower your price! If you can make your own good pictures of JV-80 cards, booklets or have more interesting things we can share in the Soundguide, don’t hesitate to contact us and perhaps you get a special price for the Soundguide if we can use it. Have more things to share, we might give you the Soundguide free (including any future updates). This is because buying al these things just to get our own pictures would be too costly for us.

For example, we’ll need pictures from all Voice Crystal, SoundSource, ProRec cards. Most So-PCM cards, cases, Roland cards, cases.

A list of pictures that we already have:

  • So-PCM card 06 (card only)
  • Roland PN-JV80-06 (card & case)