The famous Roland drum machine did get a great upgrade when WaveRex did announce the WaveR8. This card with 512kb memory makes it possible to use new samples in the instrument (for now there are some problems using the intern sounds and the sounds of the cart at the same moment. WaveRex is working on a fix).

Also available to order (no direct download at this moment):

PKN-R8-02 PKN Bassdrum&Claps 1

PKN-R8-03 PKN Bassdrum&Claps 2

PKN-R8-04 PKN Bassdrum&Claps 3

PKN-R8-05 PKN 8Bit Kit 1

PKN-R8-06 PKN 8Bit Kit 2

PKN-R8-07 PKN M.Bass&Drums Kit