We acquired a Roland U-220 module and inserted a D-70 wavecard, purely out of curiosity. Surprisingly, the U-220 was compatible with this wavecard. As a result, we developed a dedicated sound bank for this card:

PKN-U-220-01PKN U-220 Sound Element Vol.1

64 Patches made for use with the ‘D-70’ card SN-SPLA-01 ‘Sound Element Vol.1’.
Patches like RockBass, Mixed Gtrs, Muted E.Gtr, MultiBass, Power Brass2, MidiGuitar, SynKlavier, Vox Organ 2
See demo of the first 10 patches on youtube.
Demo of patches 11-64 on youtube.
(Different timbres on this bank only programmed for use with the Patches, the ones not used are still the regular factory patches)

€9,99 (vat incl.)

PKN-U-220-PR – PKN Roland U-220 Patch Reference

PDF Document consisting of 97 pages containing many patch-timbre-tone listings. Will be offered as a token of gratitude to “buy me a coffee” supporters in the near future. Find additional details here.